10 Foot Aluminum Deck Railing in Canada

10 Foot Aluminum Deck Railing Available At North West Aluminum!

We are proud to offer our high-quality products and excellent client service within Toronto, GTA, and nearby areas! We also offer our 10 foot aluminum deck railing system!

At North West Aluminum, you can choose over 200 designs that will suit your taste, and we’ll do the rest: from planning the project, dispatching highly-skilled professionals for installation, and assuring on-time delivery. Yes, we will make sure you will be satisfied down to the last detail!

Choosing the Right Railing for Your Property Deck

Choosing the right railing for your deck is like choosing a perfect pair of shoes: it takes careful consideration before shelling out money to buy it. After all, we should buy something that we can use for a long period of time, right?

Likewise, home or property owners should make the right decision in choosing the right railing to make their deck look accommodating and sophisticated. But then again, it’s not an easy decision to make. Here are some tips you can consider in choosing an ideal deck railing for your property:

  1. Check the right measurements for your deck.In terms of height, a deck’s railing may measure around 36 to 42 inches on average. If it’s higher than that, it can block the spectacular view outside your property. While if it’s lower, it can pose danger especially to young children.
  2. Check your local city’s codes or regulations.Before anything else, check with your local city first for any building requirements and standards that need to be followed prior to installation or construction. Furthermore, the owner should adhere to the city standards as for the required spacing between pickets and posts, and top and bottom rail as well as the height requirements.
  3. Consider your privacy. Privacy is important, especially in suburban homes. Thus, choosing the right railings will create a major impact on the overall ambiance of your property while keeping your space as personal as possible. You can also add toppers or beams to further accentuate your deck area that can provide privacy and lets you appreciate the outside view at the same time.
  4. Choose high-quality deck railings for your property. Aluminum is more durable than wood, and less expensive and more stable than steel or iron. Of course, you would only want the best materials for your property.

Choose From Our Wide Array Of High-Quality Aluminum Railings!

North West Aluminum offers high-quality aluminum deck railings to suit your building needs. We also offer a 10 foot aluminum deck railing for clients who have a specific railing requirement that is both attractive and durable.

Like our other products, you can also choose over 200 designs you want for our 10 foot aluminum deck railing that will suit your property’s surroundings and your personal preference. We’ll do the rest for you!

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