100% aluminum fencing panels shipped directly to your home by North West Aluminum!

You can now fence your property with the best aluminum fence panels. North West Aluminum is number 1 supplier and manufacturer of aluminum products in Canada. We are recognized for the quality of our fencing aluminum panels as being among the most durable and affordable on the market.

We customize each order coming from our clients according to their requirements. NW Aluminum is covering the Canadian market and is always trying to supply to our customers the newest fencing aluminum panels we have on stock. We want to show our clients that we are extremely serious and professional. Thus, we do not like delays and we strive to exceed deadlines.

North West Aluminum offers a variety of aluminum panels for fence!

Our focus is to be extremely versatile. Therefore, we produce aluminum fence panels dedicated to industrial, commercial, or residential fencing.

When it comes to residential fencing, you just need to call us and order your products and we will deliver them to you. Do you need a fence for your backyard? Do you own a small ranch and you want to protect it with a professional and resistant fence? Then you need North West Aluminum who will impress you with top design, quality materials, and professional team. Our crew tests each aluminum fence panel making sure it is durable and safe.

Did you just developed a commercial project and you need a resistant fence? You definitely need an increased level of protection both for your business and your employees. Therefore, North West Aluminum is going to be your provider for advanced aluminum fence panels.

It is very difficult to find nowadays a serious provider of aluminum fence panels in Toronto who is able to offer durable materials and competitive prices. North West Aluminum is proud to have been able to build its reputation thanks to our satisfied clients. This is why, whenever you will search for “aluminum fence panels near me” we will always be on the top of the results list.

North West Aluminum is one of the most well-known aluminum fence panel provider in Canada. We offer a variety of aluminum fences covering different tastes and demands. We are ambitious, and we like projects that challenge us. Our team is always ready to come with personalized solutions in terms of design and colors in order to meet our clients’ demands and make sure we keep them happy.

NW Aluminum is your next aluminum fence panels supplier in Canada!

Each client is very important for us. It does not matter if you contact for your residence or your commercial building. Every client is equal for us and we have dedicated teams for every project we sign in. We understand your struggles and stress. So, we don’t ask too much from your side. We will make things straight from the beginning and lay down on the table everything you should expect from our side.

North West Aluminum is different from other aluminum fence panels suppliers in Toronto for many reasons:

  • Our fence panels are made of resistant and superior quality materials;
  • NW Aluminum fences require zero maintenance;
  • You will have diverse colors to choose from and match your aluminum fence with the rest of your residence;
  • We use powder-coating painting technique which means that the paint will not peel and will keep the same “as new” aspect for a long time;
  • Our aluminum fence panels are modular which means that we will install them very easy and fast;
  • Our aluminum fencing solutions come at an affordable price.


Are you looking to enclose your residence or your commercial building? Or would you like some aluminum fence panels around your pool? Is your backyard too big and you would rather separate some areas? There is one answer for all these questions: North West Aluminum.

Give us a call today and let’s meet each other to tell us more about your plans and ideas. We are very exigent when choosing our staff. Therefore, each client that collaborates with us will find our team as a good friend and partner.

We will be by your side whenever you want to expand your courtyard, or you need to fix or change a broken aluminum fence. Once we will install our aluminum fence panels they will resist for approximately 20 years. It doesn’t matter that you live in an area with difficult weather conditions. We produce aluminum panels that last on any type of weather or environmental stress.