100% aluminum fencing panels shipped directly to your home by North West Aluminum!

You can now fence your property with the best aluminum fence panels. North West Aluminum is the number 1 supplier and manufacturer of aluminum products in Canada. We are recognized for the quality of our fencing aluminum panels as being among the most durable and affordable on the market.

We customize each order coming from our clients according to their requirements. NW Aluminum is covering the Canadian market and is always trying to supply to our customers the newest fencing aluminum panels we have on stock. We want to show our clients that we are extremely serious and professional. Thus, we do not like delays and we strive to exceed deadlines.

North West Aluminum offers a variety of aluminum panels for fence!

Our focus is to be extremely versatile. Therefore, we produce aluminum fence panels dedicated to industrial, commercial, or residential fencing.

When it comes to residential fencing, you just need to call us, order your products and we will deliver them to you. Do you need a fence for your backyard? Do you own a small ranch and you want to protect it with a professional and resistant fence? Then you need North West Aluminum who will impress you with top design, quality materials, and professional team. Our crew tests each aluminum fence panel making sure it is durable and safe.

Did you just developed a commercial project and you need a resistant fence? You definitely need an increased level of protection for both your business and your employees. Therefore, North West Aluminum is going to be your provider for advanced aluminum fence panels. Contact us today and tell us your thoughts. We are going to personalize our fences exactly how you want them.

North West Aluminum also collaborates with various stakeholders and is very active in the community’s life. Therefore, you can find our aluminum fence panels protecting schools, hospitals, or retail centers. We are everywhere and we are proud to be a valuable contributor to the society’s protection. NW Aluminum is able to execute any type of heights. For instance, we are among the few producers of aluminum fences who receives orders for fences of 10 feet high.

Are you still undecided? You still do not know what type of aluminum fence panel you need for your construction? Our customer service team is at your disposal, always looking forward to offering you advice and find together with you a feasible solution. Place an order today and let us make the difference when it comes to aluminum fencing.