8’ Aluminum Deck Railing in Ontario, Canada

8’ aluminum deck railing offers security and privacy

A lot of homes and properties in Canada have railings and for good reason. A railing makes your deck much more secure and private compared to a deck that is bare. Interestingly, a deck with a good series of balusters, railings, and gates actually make your home or property more ambient as well and adds a great aesthetic appeal and design. Railings can also increase the value of your property and make it more desirable for buyers, customers, and visitors.

Looking for a good railing and baluster for your deck? Then an 8’ Aluminum deck railing might work best for you. An 8’ aluminum deck railing has the perfect height. On one hand, an 8’ deck railing is tall enough that people can notice it. On the other hand, the railing is short enough that people can still see a great panoramic view or an unobstructed path or window from your deck.

We at NW Aluminum specialize in fencing, railing and gating properties, homes and businesses with aluminum improvements made of excellent quality materials. We have made a great working relationship with leading global aluminum suppliers which gives our aluminum railings, fences and gates the extra durability, style and strength that other aluminum service providers cannot give.

How did NW Aluminum get such expertise? Simple. Through the mastery of what makes a good aluminum deck railing system.

What is a Great Deck Railing System?

A good deck railing system has five qualities:

  1. High durability and strength
  2. Longevity
  3. Minimal maintenance
  4. Appeal
  5. Financial Consideration

That is why we at NW Aluminum, we say that aluminum is the best material for deck railings. Aluminum is easier to mold and design compared to steel. Aluminum also does not need to have another layer of paint applied every 3 years, unlike steel. Wood railings can decay, as well as can cost higher in the long run due to chemical treatments as well as repainting at least every two years. Vinyl is easily affected by temperature, which makes it shrink or expand depending on how hot or cold the weather is. Vinyl also fades due to ultraviolet rays. Aluminum is resistant to any of that.

Aluminum is very durable, lasts long, does not need repainting for at least two decades, is easy to mold and customized to make the railings a lot more appealing, and are cheaper both in installing and in the long run.

An 8’ aluminum deck railing is perfect for most homes and properties. They are spaced just right, allowing better support and strength. They do not impede the view as well. This is also the usual dimensions most of our very satisfied clients take.

Why NW Aluminum?

We are NW Aluminum, and we are Ontario’s leading fence, railing and gate installers. While our office is located in Ontario, our excellent work can be seen in homes and properties around the Greater Toronto Area.  We have more than 200 designs already available and used for your railing and fences, and we can even do custom aluminum railings as well. If you have any aluminum needs, please contact us and let us help you get the best possible home improvements.