Affordable and Durable Cast Aluminum Fence Parts

Cast aluminum fence parts offer the stylish, vintage look of a steel or iron fence minus the corrosion and rust. You can afford the cast aluminum fencing around the house or pool and comes in a wide range of designs.

One of the coolest things about cast aluminum fence — it is customizable. The parts and sections of an aluminum fence arrive in a large array of shades and styles, and they can be mixed in almost any way to create the precise look you desire.

You can rest assured that cast aluminum fencing is maintenance-free. It is exceptional if you fancy the look of wrought-iron without the upkeep. The fencing is lightweight and weatherproof. It comes in a wide range of styles and color choices.

Residential cast aluminum fencing generally comes in preassembled panels and can be installed by North West Aluminum as we are a professional fencing contractor.

The Process of Installing the Fence

Aluminum fencing fits well on flat ground. On a steep or slanted area, the fence panels should be stair-stepped (utilizing posts of different lengths) or ‘raked’ so they are at an incline, following the shape of the ground.

Before going ahead with the installation process, we reach local utility firms so they can mark and point any underground service lines. We also review local construction and neighborhood codes. These direct the length and kind of fencing permitted. If fixing a pool fence, we ensure the custom fencing being applied adheres to the local codes.

Cast aluminum fence prices vary. It is based on height, fence style, and the sophistication of installation (property on a slanting area or barriers like trees or huge rocks make installing the fence more complex).

We can install everything right from the conspicuous cast aluminum fence finials to the obscure (yet vital) cast aluminum fence inserts.

Why Consider Finials?

Finials are the ornamental tips fixed on top of the gate or fence. They give a fence that classic look. They are not something every installer regards. However, we can incorporate cast aluminum fence finials into your project because they transform the fence into a piece of artwork rather than just being a protective metal looping around your property.

You can let your fence look in harmony with your property in the background or make it pop out to uplift your property’s look. The decision is yours!

Reach us today to know more about the installation process.