Aluminium Handrail Extrusions

North West Aluminum are the leaders in aluminium handrail extrusions which add high quality aesthetic architectural enhancement to all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications, including –

  • low-rise buildings
  • single-family homes
  • condos
  • high-rise hotels
  • and more.

We offer a range of standard configurations and we can manufacture custom aluminum handrail extrusions to meet your specific requirements and decor styles, shapes and configurations to ensure the perfect solution for your:

  • stairs
  • decks
  • guard rails
  • patio railings
  • and entryways.

Manufactured from top-quality choice grade aluminum, our extrusions are available in both hollow and solid shapes. We’re one of the few companies who have the capability to produce multiple hollow aluminium handrail extrusions in one shape.

North West Aluminum offers one of the shortest lead times in manufacturing highest quality aluminum handrail extrusions at the best prices.

Our range of standard finishes include:

  • satin
  • brushed
  • powder coated
  • and dipped

We can also apply custom anodized colors to your specifications. All our products are non-magnetic and  resistant to corrosion and stress cracks.

Custom and OEM Aluminum Handrail Extrusions

In addition to our standard aluminium handrail and fencing products, we also offer custom and OEM services to meet your unique needs. Our engineers will gladly assist with all your custom requirements to ensure that your aluminium handrail extrusions complement and enhance your building’s design, ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Can’t find the perfect aluminium handrail extrusions in our brochure or in store? No problem!

Our aluminium handrail extrusions engineers will design it for you. We can:

  • cut
  • form
  • bend
  • punch
  • miter
  • cut to length
  • and drill and countersink any of our aluminium handrail extrusions to your specifications.

Having served the aluminium handrail extrusions industry for XX years, we have the skills and experience to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. We offer great pricing on high quality aluminium handrail extrusions and customization services. Get in touch with North West Aluminum today on 647-952-5023 to discuss your requirements.