Aluminum Chain Link Fence — When You Need An Anti-Corrosion & Rust Resistant Boundary

Aluminum chain link fence fabric is both decorative and structural at the same time. With excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion qualities, it is ideal for outdoor play area or sports fencing, commercial and residential security fencing system.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum’s growing popularity in the industry of fencing can be attributed to many factors — lightness, resistance to corrosion, appealing look, and low-maintenance.

While other materials can be sturdy, a fence fabric made out of aluminum clearly displays a beautiful, natural trim. `Aluminum can withstand extreme conditions (whether it is a rough seacoast atmosphere or a heavy-traffic industrial area) — thus, keeping its shape for years.

With aluminum, you can save a great deal on maintenance as it does not require painting. It has high resistance to impacts and strains in comparison to other materials traditionally used for fences.

Additionally, aluminum fencing is flexible — changing the location and moving the fence can be easy. Also, the parts can be reused even if it has been used for years.

Aluminum Chain Link Fence Slats

With the invisible feature and design, aluminum chain link fence slats are now extensively employed for a wide range of areas. In comparison to a standard chain link fence, the slats edition has the benefit of blocking the wind while securing privacy. Besides, it is a charming alternative to good old wood fences to circle pools, secure commercial places, mark property lines, and contain pets/animals.

The wire and lath for chain link fence slats range from stainless steel, aluminum to galvanized wire. Likewise, lath materials vary from polyethylene, plastic tubes to aluminum.

We recommend aluminum as it offers long life, great flexibility, and a wonderful surface that is unparalleled.  Also, we make use of aluminum chain link fence ties to fasten the fabric to the fence’s framework.

When you opt to have the aluminum chain link fence fabric installed by our experts at NW Aluminum, you will notice that the cost is way lower than it would have been for a wooden or wrought iron fence.

Affordable fence installation while using the best quality materials is crucial in maximizing the fence’s life. While fence installation techniques differ widely, we don’t cut corners while installing your fence. We back up all our installation projects with a warranty.

Trust North West Aluminum, the custom fence installation company to make it right the first time.