Aluminum Columns Installation in Canada

Add a touch of elegance with a contemporary twist. Combine classic designs fit to the modern age in an aluminum column which is a versatile metal.

Columns have been the definition of a good structure. Most architecture boasts centuries-old columns that stood the test of time. Embrace tradition in the present era using aluminum. We offer columns and bases in a variety of designs, length, sizes, and colors. We can guarantee that there is a perfect piece for every project!

Using aluminum columns has a wide array of benefits. Aluminum is one of the few metals that are durable yet lightweight. Be assured that it is sturdy enough to support the weight, but lightweight enough that a small group of people can assemble it.

Why You Should Do Aluminum Columns Installation?

  • Versatility – Aluminum columns can be used in various applications that are better than the old support structure in your home.
  • Strength – Aluminum can be used as load-bearing support for any structure that is needed to ensure the safety of people using the particular space or area.
  • Variety – Aluminum columns are available in different styles and sizes. This allows for you to find a match for your project whether it is for commercial or residential purposes.
  • Durability – Wood will rot or split, and these negative traits are not applicable to aluminum columns.
  • Easy to assemble – Being lightweight, aluminum columns are easy to assemble and do not require special skill perfect for home DIYs.

Step-By-Step Installation Procedure

Before starting any project, it is a must to check whether the columns installations are placed according to standard construction practices and in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations. North West Aluminum is dedicated to follow these regulations. The following is the step-by-step procedure of aluminum columns installation.

Step 1: Measure the height of the opening where the column will be placed. Cut each column stave (piece) 1/4 longer than the opening. A circular saw with a metal cutting blade is recommended for cutting the staves.

Step 2: Hook staves together, small hook joins large hook.

Step 3: Assemble final interlock by rapping with the heels of the hands, starting at one end of the column.

Step 4: To secure the column, set the column (with the capital and base at the bottom) into place and plumb with a level. Raise the base and the capital and attach the column to the floor with the appropriate fasteners and screws. Repeat at the top of the column.

Step 5: Snap half sections of Polymer cap and base together around column. Locate cap in place at top of column by drilling two holes opposite each other through the cap and into the column, securing with screws included.

Aluminum columns installation can be used even if the structure has existing columns in place. The versatility of the material allows you to customize the design, color, and shape that will fit your needs.