Aluminum Fence Gate Frame – Protects Your Property and Investment

One of the most charming hallmarks of an aluminum fence is the versatility and diversity of design options it offers. This is expressly true when choosing gates for an aluminum fence.

A fence gate provides security while making it easy for you to move in and out of your property.

A particular project can have multiple gates — according to the requirements of the property landlord. NW Aluminum can help you choose the right aluminum fence gate frame.

Keep Loved Ones In — Intruders Out

Who wouldn’t want the best security for children and pets? Indeed it is a vital aspect to consider. A sturdy, high-quality aluminum fence gate frame keeps your loved ones safe and intruders out.

Various Kinds of Fence Gates

Whether an aluminium fence gate frame is for home, business or industrial estate, the significant step in picking it happens in the planning process. Assessing the right places for entrance points along the fence and considering how they will be used are essential elements in choosing the right kind of gate.

You can choose the type of fence gate depending on your unique needs — whether it is for pedestrian or driveway purposes. Here are a few types to consider:


  • Swing Gate: This is the most common type. You can consider whether you want one-panel open or a double-panel open gate. You will also need to keep the direction of swing in mind.
  • Cantilever Slide Gate: There are some locations where swing gates cannot be used. In such cases, slide gate is a better option. A Cantilever slide gate is held above the ground that floats freely and is operated on a counter-balanced system.
  • Rolling Slide Gate: Unlike Cantilever slide gate, rolling slide gates roll on the ground for opening/closing purpose. They are useful for low space locations. But snow or ice buildup can block the movement of the gate. So you must consider the climate of your property area and the space available while deciding.


Hardware and Material Must be Sturdy

The quality of hardware, fence gate frame material, and its installation should be proper. They are crucial factors to consider as it affects the life of your fence gate.

We at North West Aluminum understand this and take special care of these aspects. We do the best aluminum fence gate frame installation while you sit back and relax. Call us today for more information.