Aluminum Fence Gate Latch – Light Component for Heavy Duty

Aluminum fences are ideal for enhancing the overall appearance and security of your premises.

A fence made out of aluminum provides beauty along with durability ensuring that you do not have to invest in fencing for a long time. The installation of an aluminum fence is only complete with a gate.

At North West Aluminum, we can assist you with installation services for a wide range of fencing projects. We understand how fences need to be installed with efficiency ensuring they are sturdy, yet elegant. When you send us a query to help you with your fence installation, here are certain things that we would recommend:

Aluminum Fence Gate Latch

There are various products on the market for gate latches. These latches help to secure your fence. It is advisable that you thoroughly research the different categories and understand the working of each model. For installation of the gate latch, be assured that the team at NW Aluminum is ready to assist you.

Installation requires precision and detail. Your aluminum fence gate latch must complement the material of your existing fence and provide you with the level of security you wish to achieve. We ensure that your fence gate latch is fixed right and installed without damaging the current condition of your fence.

Aluminum Fence Gate Hinges

Hinges are not considered important by buyers. This is why they do not get much attention even though they are the smallest yet most vital hardware components in fence assembly. Hinges must not be selected as an afterthought during installation. They are necessary for providing structural support to your gate. At NW Aluminum, installation of aluminum fence gate hinges is done securely to ensure that the gate is sturdy and strong.

Aluminum Fence Gate Locks

We believe that a gate must be supported by the lock. The variety of locks available in the market today are vast. A heavy-duty lock is suitable for the main gate along with basic locks for the side gates. We install all aluminum fence gate locks carefully and double check their sturdiness to ensure your safety and security.

Apart from the above hardware, you may also choose to get an ornamental aluminum fence gate latch installed to beautify the appearance of your fence gate further. We provide professional installation services for all kinds of fence gate hardware and accessories.