Aluminum Fence Post Caps Make a Big Difference

We at North West Aluminum do fence installation and are a notch above others. Aluminum fence post caps are ideal for covering the top of the post and easy to install. They are available in various shapes depending on the fence style.

Why Your Fence Needs Post Caps?

One of the significant issues with fencing is the posts. After a few years, the posts – particularly the tops – are usually split or spoiled. That’s where aluminum fence post caps come in. You can consider them for your new or old fence, and they can hold your investment for years to come.

What Are Post Caps?

Most look at them as a decorative item. Post caps are housing that goes over the head of the posts on a fence or deck.

How We Install Fence Post Caps?

Aluminum fence post caps come in various colors and sizes. Before choosing a particular size — we can tape measure and double-check the fence posts. We can ensure that the new fence post caps fit great, but not overly tight. But before installing fence post caps, here are some things to know about installing a fence.

What Do You Need to Know Before Installing a Fence?

You can keep a short fence for beautification purpose or a taller one to protect your backyard or garden from animals and intruders. We understand the different kinds of fencing options and our team is skilled at helping you identify what’s best for your property.

A wrought-iron fence helps to enhance the appearance of your backyard or garden. However, its maintenance can be time-consuming. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, can give you the same look minus the maintenance.

Before you decide to take on your fencing project, there are certain things that you need to check. Our dedicated staff can guide you through these preliminary steps:

  • Have a conversation with your neighbors if your fence line will be adjacent to their property. Your neighbors must approve of the idea of a fence and may even decide to split the expense with you
  • Ensure that the fence gets installed on your premises
  • Look out for easements in your deed, so that there is a guarantee on the right-of-way granted to you, and the appropriate design and location of the fence can be decided
  • Raise a request for building permits to avoid any legal complications in future.


Once you take care of the preliminary steps, order your aluminum fence post caps, and we at NW Aluminum will be happy to help you with the installation.