Aluminum Fence Supply – A Notch Above the Rest

Although wood gives a fence that vintage, classic look and wrought iron makes it even more attractive, aluminum fence supply quality is simply unmatchable. Β 

Residential, commercial or even industrial, irrespective of the property β€” aluminum gives the fence unique beauty with unparalleled features. Aluminium fence supply products are strong and sturdy with low maintenance cost when compared to other materials. You can now get fence supply including fence panels, gate frame, post caps, hinges, locks, angle brackets, handrails and top rails all made from durable aluminum.

As experienced fence installers we know you will be surprised by the exceptional benefits of aluminum fencing. We present here a few:


You can use aluminum fencing for smooth surfaces as well as for slopes without the fear of unattractive gaps or transitions. It blends into your landscape. Manufacturers can also mold aluminum into your desired design to fit your unique requirements.


In comparison with wrought iron and steel, aluminum fence supply is affordable, while giving similar attractive looks. Although it is a little expensive than traditional wood fencing, it costs much less for maintenance as compared to wood β€” gives you peace of mind as it lasts for years.


Unlike iron, aluminum is negligibly exposed to corrosion. You do not have to worry about the water, sun radiation or moisture damaging the aluminum fence. It’ll neither erode nor will its color fade away. Your fence will be safe in extreme weather conditions whether it is rain, hail, and snow. Besides, it won’t be affected by pests as in the case of wood. Β 

You can get the best out of your investment by opting for the aluminum fence and railing supply.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a cinch with aluminum fencing.

While manufacturing, aluminum is coated with powder paint that adheres to the metal body. This makes the aluminum fence last decades without the need for re-paint or maintenance (unlike fences made from other materials). To keep the aluminum fence spotless and perfect, you can hose down the fence once a month.


With beauty similar to that of wrought iron aluminum comes in different sizes and colors. The powder coating gives you long-term durability without any color fading. You can also choose from a wide range of shades and textures.

At North West Aluminum, we can provide quality aluminum fence installation at competitive rates. Contact us today for more information about aluminum fence railing supply.