Aluminum Handrail Brackets

Enhance the safety of everyone on your property by installing high quality handrail brackets above all your ramps and stairs. North West Aluminum offers an unmatched range of handrails and lightweight aluminum handrail brackets in traditional, decorative and contemporary styles and finishes. Summit aluminum railings offer a traditional style with low maintenance requirements. The durable, baked-on finish ensures many years of satisfaction.

Our range includes options to suit your exact needs, including:

  • Straight wall return aluminum handrail brackets to connect the ends of the handrail to a perpendicular wall.
  • Inside corner mount aluminum handrail mounting brackets attach the corners of a handrail to the rail or wall.
  • Wall mount aluminum handrail wall brackets attach straight sections of a handrail to the post or the wall.
  • Wall return aluminum handrail wall brackets seamlessly attach the ends of a section of handrail at a ninety degree angle.

We understand how important it is for your property aesthetics to match your exact style and decor requirements, especially when you apply it to your porch or deck. That’s why we’re happy to go to great lengths to ensure that you obtain the brackets you want. Choose from our stock stamped, cast, or extruded aluminum handrail brackets or get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements. North West Aluminum’s specialists will gladly work with you to create cast aluminum handrail brackets to your specifications.

North West Aluminum Offers High Quality Aluminium Handrail Brackets

Handrail brackets securely connects base and hand rails to support the handrail tubing, provide stability, and ensure the safety of your indoor or outdoor area.

North West Aluminum are the leaders in aluminum handrail wall brackets. Mount your rugged 100% brushed aluminum handrail brackets to your concrete, wood or metal surfaces. Easy to install, our aluminum handrail wall brackets are easy to mount at any angle. Basic types include:

  • Standard Aluminum Handrail Wall Brackets: Suitable for straight or level railing runs.
  • Fixed Stair Handrail Mounting Brackets: Suitable for staircases that have a standard angle, these brackets allow for a 32-36 degree vertical angle.
  • Angle Mount Aluminum Handrail Wall Brackets: With a 0-45 degree horizontal angle allowance, these brackets are suitable for level, angled railings.
  • Stair Swivel Mount Aluminium Handrail Brackets: These brackets are suitable for staircases with 0-43 degree vertical angles.
  • Double Swivel Stair Aluminum Handrail Brackets: These brackets are suitable for staircases with a 0-45 degree vertical down angle  and 0-43 degrees horizontal out angle.

Need help choosing the right brushed aluminum handrail brackets? Get in touch with North West Aluminum by calling 647-952-5023 for expert assistance.