Aluminum Handrail

Change is Only Good When it’s Done Right

Do you want to change to aluminum hand rail? Do you want to provide protection for family members, workers and acquaintances? North West Aluminum designs and manufactures aluminum handrails and fittings. We all get to a stage where change is desirable.

When you are considering changing your railing system consider NW Aluminum. We offer durable aluminum handrail solutions. We are good at delivering custom made aluminum handrails. The North West Aluminum company has put together a suave team of experts to provide you with unique custom made aluminum handrail systems and accessories.

Distinctively Engineered NW Aluminum Handrail Systems and Accessories

As aluminum handrail system manufacturers we are capable of working on special projects. We will supply the following custom made accessories:

End Caps are the parts that assist you keep dirt away from your handrail. Another function is that it closes insects out and gives your handrail a perfect finish when it doesn’t connect to a post or a wall.

Wall mounts are used to provide support for a long rail. Also they fasten the middle of the handrail to the wall.

Connectors are just what the name says. Their function is to connect different handrails to create longer aluminum handrail system. They can either be internal or external.

We also provide mounting screws and anchors which secure wall returns to wall. When you go shopping for aluminum handrails in Toronto don’t hesitate to call on NW Aluminum. We are considered to be the leading aluminum handrail system manufacturers.

How Can North West Aluminum Help You

We invite you to visit us to get a comprehensive look at what we have to offer. We know that you need to protect your family and workers from the dangers that are associated with stairs. It’s easy to fall down a staircase of slip on a ramp. NW Aluminum will do the following to make sure that those risks are minimized:

  • Develop quality aluminum handrail solutions for you
  • Provide you with our skilled team
  • Help you install the handrail

Make a call to 555-555-5555 and get more information about how we are the perfect fit for your project.

You can see our products online at www.nwaluminum.