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We, at North West Aluminum have highly-skilled personnel will help you with your aluminum pipe deck railing needs and provide a detailed project plan, including coordination of any necessary permits as per city requirement, up to the timely installation of materials in your property.

Our company only uses high-quality materials and lots of designs you can choose from to suit your personal preference. Plus, we ensure excellent customer service and timely project output.

Railing Safety Tips 

The world can be an unsafe place especially for infants and young children. Even in our own homes, it can be just as dangerous as the outdoors, thanks to the presence of uncovered electrical sockets, multitudes of bacteria lurking in every furniture and home appliances’ surfaces, and many more.

Understandably, parents would tend to be over reactive when it comes to their family’s safety. However, most of these dangers which parents are afraid of can be real. Among these are unsafe railings that can be a potential hazard especially for young kids, unless properly planned and constructed.

To avoid these thoughts constantly plaguing your mind, here are some tips for choosing the best aluminum pipe deck railings for you, your children, and your property:

  1. Buy only the bestaluminum pipe deck railing. Choose a railing that is surely crafted by skilled professionals and will assure your overall safety. In addition, choose a product that complies with the railing safety code, including the required specification standards that especially address a child’s safety.
  2. Have your aluminum pipe deck railing installed by professionals. Once you have already chosen a high-quality railing for your property, the next step is having it installed by those who know how. On the other hand, if you choose to install the railing yourself, make sure you are familiar with the procedure and follow the instructions meticulously. More importantly, never take short-cuts just to finish the task faster than usual, or risk having a defective output that can endanger someone’s safety.
  3. Purchase additional safety products.There are times when railings cannot provide total safety on a child. Thus, it is better if you buy additional railings, banister guards, panels or mesh to ensure that young children would not be able to slip through wide openings or climb up the bars. These products are mostly inexpensive and easy to install.
  4. Never take your eyes off your child.Especially when your child is still an infant or a toddler, never let them go near railings even if it is considered safe as per safety standards. Young children are naturally inquisitive and find ways to get things done. Thus, the parents or an assigned guardian should carry the responsibility of keeping the child out of danger.

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