Aluminum Pipe Handrail

Aluminum pipe handrails increase safety and accessibility to your home, assisted living facility or business. At North West Aluminum, we understand your need for balancing a safe environment for your family or business patrons while maintaining beautiful, sophisticated aesthetics.

That’s why we specialize only in the fabrication of beautiful aluminum aluminum pipe handrail components and aluminum tube handrail systems. Our products are perfect for use in uneven or narrow hallways and to provide additional support for your stairways, balconies, and ramps.

Aluminum Pipe Handrail Fittings Save You Time & Money

At North West Aluminum, we pride ourselves on:

  • Innovative product design
  • Low-maintenance aluminum
  • Rust-free safety and reliability
  • Excellent customer service

By eliminating the need to periodically paint your lightweight aluminum tube railing systems from North West Aluminum, you will save time and money on product maintenance. Made from aluminum or cast aluminum, our easy-to-install products are rust-resistant to ensure many years of maintenance-free reliability.

Don’t mistake the light-weight convenience of our exterior aluminum pipe handrail for weakness. It has been tested to withstand the harsh elements so synonymous with Canada and does so with utmost efficiency. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your aluminum tube railing systems from North West Aluminum will remain beautiful for many years.

Our highly-skilled CAD engineers will custom design your exterior aluminum pipe handrail order and provide you with further customization options. Rely on us to provide you with complete customization to ensure that your finished aluminum tube handrail systems meet your exact requirements for the perfect fit.

Since it is fully customized, your aluminum tube railing systems require minimal field fabrication. Our products use a no-weld design to make installation an absolute breeze.

Our innovative aluminum tube railing systems allow you to combine multiple lengths of aluminum pipe handrail pipe and fittings to cover the length of your space for optimal safety.

Get in touch with North West Aluminum on 647-952-5023 today to find out more about our aluminum handrail pipe fittings, systems and components.