Aluminum Porch Railing Prices in Canada

Affordable aluminum porch railing prices with avant-garde designs

If you are looking to build or update your porch with aluminum railing, North West Aluminum should be on your speed dial. We are a family business that has been customizing designs at very affordable aluminum porch railing prices for close to (NO. OF YEARS) now.

Installing aluminum rails will immediately update your porch and boosts its curb appeal. If you are looking to list your house, this is a good investment because it will immediately add a few extra in your asking price.

You can choose from our wide selections of designs. If you have something in mind, our design team can certainly work with you to make your dream a reality.

We pride ourselves in always adding a little extra to each of our projects. In that way, no design is the same even if we already worked on countless porches over the years.

NW Aluminum also offers one of the most competitive aluminum porch railing prices in Canda.  In fact, we encourage you to compare our prices with our competitors before you decide.

However, we must emphasize that the cost of aluminum porch railing should not be the only consideration. You also have to look at the track record of the company, the length of the warranty, superior workmanship, speed of labor, and the value of service.

Metal or Aluminum: Which is Better for Your Fence?

What makes aluminum the best choice compared to other materials when it comes to railings and fences?

There are many materials to choose from. You have wood, wrought iron or steel, for instance. But what makes aluminum appealing can be summarized in three factors:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Maintenance-free

Make no mistake about it, steel is definitely stronger than aluminum but there’s a tradeoff. Metal is prone to rust so you need to budget for maintenance and paint. In terms of aesthetics, an aluminum rail has more design flexibility because it’s easier to bend and twist.

Unmaintained metal can also quickly age the overall look of the property. Whereas aluminum is timeless in more ways than one, in fact, considering that this material lasts than the average person’s lifespan.

One-Stop Shop Service at NW Aluminum

Call NW Aluminum and we will help you prepare all the paper work necessary for the construction of your new porch.

  • Filing the necessary papers for the demolition (of your local city office will require it)
  • Following-up on the permits and other documents
  • Working with the utility to disconnect wires that may be hit by the aluminum railing

NW Aluminum offers a wide range of aluminum designs and products in and around Canada.  Should you have more questions, particularly on the aluminum porch railing prices, feel free to call our number at 647-952-5023. If you call now, we will give you a free quote for the materials and service. You can reach us anytime 24/7 and our friendly technical customer representatives are always on standby to address all your concerns.