Aluminum Railing Castings

Step up your railing game with aluminum railing castings from North West Aluminum. Homeowners and commercial property owners across the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada rely on NWA for high quality, light-weight aluminum products.

Aluminum is an excellent material for indoor and outdoor railings, as it:

  • is strong, yet lightweight
  • has a high melting temperature
  • is corrosion resistant
  • offers good electrical shielding properties
  • has good thermal conductivity
  • is recyclable.

These are some of the reasons why aluminum is used in manufacturing common household and industrial products, including engine blocks, heat sinks and light fixtures, to name a few. However, aluminum railing castings are particularly durable for indoor and outdoor use.

Aluminum railing castings offer the high quality, sophisticated appearance of cast iron at significantly lower costs that allows you to drastically change the aesthetics of your home, patio or fence without breaking the bank.

Whether you want a new fence with unobstructed views, new safety railings for your stairs or ramps, or simply to update your old deck or porch with beautiful new guardrails, North West Aluminum has the low-maintenance option you desire.

Choose from our wide range of standard stock extrusions and aluminum castings that can be used to fabricate custom mailboxes, stairways, handrails, gates and fences. Alternatively, let us help you customize your aluminum railing castings to add a personal touch to your property. Decorative aluminum railing castings can be used in a variety of applications, and we can cast steel inserts and tabs into the aluminum when your castings have to be welded to steel.

Our decorative aluminum railing castings include:

  • scrolls
  • lock boxes
  • rings
  • shoes
  • end caps
  • ball caps
  • wall mounts
  • rosettes
  • post caps
  • knuckles
  • and finials.

Unsure of exactly what you need to design your perfect railing or fence? Speak to our expert consultants. They will help you order ย everything you require, including aluminum extrusions, aluminum railing castings, and all your hardware and parts. Call 647-952-5023 or place your order online.