Aluminum Railing Flanges

North West Aluminum is a leader in aluminum railings and railing components, including brackets and flanges. Made from a high-quality, lightweight aluminium, these fittings are designed for balustrading and guardrailing applications. The aluminum railing floor flanges are locked into place for a smooth, sleek appearance.

Our range includes options that allow you to mounth columns or newel posts into concrete or wood in order to create an aesthetically pleasing column on your porch, deck, patio, staircase, or balcony.

Lightweight aluminum fightings weigh approximately a third of the weight of a comparable cast iron fitting, while providing around 75% of the comparable tensile strength.

Versatile Styles

At North West Aluminum, we manufacture versatile and lightweight safety solutions that suit your lifestyle and your style requirements. Use our aluminum railing flanges in multiple applications ranging from traditional residential to conservative commercial and contemporary industrial.

Secure Fit

Made from top-quality light weight material, our aluminum railing flanges can be used as surface floor mounts for flat or round aluminum railing products. Designed by professional engineers, each of our aluminum railing floor flange products ensure a secure fit to meet residential and commercial safety standards.

Custom Designs

When it comes to aluminum railing flanges from North West Aluminum, your imagination is your only limitation. If we don’t stock exactly what you need, we will design it for you.

North West Aluminum Railing Floor Flanges

Our aluminum railing flanges are designed with base plate anchor holes that are large enough to cater to chemical or mechanical attachment, while the slotted side plates have slotted holes that allow for sideways movement to enhance ease of installation.

Our aluminum railing flanges are:

  • lightweight
  • cost effective
  • corrosion resistant
  • available in a range of styles and sizes

North West Aluminum aluminum railing flanges and aluminum railing floor flange products are extremely low maintenance in indoor and outdoor settings alike.

Buy your aluminum railing flanges and aluminum railing floor flange components from North West Aluminum today.