Aluminum Rails 80/20

North West Aluminum is Toronto’s foremost distributore of 80/20 aluminum rails. The 80/20 framing system consists of extruded aluminum beams with integrated T-slots that provide the foundation for the system’s state-of-the-art assembly technology. We also provide accessories to match the specific framing system, including casters and panels, manufactured by our engineers on our premises.

Our range includes a variety of metric T-slot extrusions and fractional T-slot extrusions for all light-duty or heavy-duty applications, from frames to workstation fabrication, display units and safeguarding. We specialize in custom-designed aluminum rails that make use of 80/20 technology.

Aluminum Rails 80/20 Privacy Screens

Aluminum rails 80/20 have been growing in popularity over the last few years, especially for application in contemporary homes and condos.

Aluminum Rails 80/20 provide a framework in which tempered glass panels can be placed. Installed on decks and balconies, these glass panels are interspersed with aluminum rails 80/20 to provide uninterrupted views. Different types of glass panel configurations can be used to block sound and add privacy, particularly in apartments that are close to the street, or where there is a need to add privacy between neighbors. Standard metric and fractional fasteners provide added versatility.

Precision manufacturing goes into simple modular lightweight aluminum rails 80/20, to ensure perfect functionality and unmatched aesthetic value, even without priming, painting and extensive maintenance. Easy-to-use, North West Aluminum can easily reconfigure aluminum rails 80/20 to enhance reliability.

North West Aluminum prides itself on providing only the highest quality 100% aluminum products to our valued clients in Canada. We have close working relationships with building maintenance professionals, landscapers, and homeowners who rely on us to deliver state-of-the-art aluminum products, including aluminum rails 80/20. We’re happy to assist with all your aluminum needs. Get in touch with NWA today on 647-952-5023.