Aluminum Wire Fence Panels โ€” Defines the Boundary and Secures the Perimeter

Aluminum is widely popular as multi-purpose, non-ferrous metal, and aluminum wire fence panels are now popular than ever.

Whether your property is a recreational space, playground, or a park, aluminum wire fencing can make a world of difference. Although such spaces donโ€™t typically need a lot of development on the property, fencing the perimeter is a must. It can help define one area from another and ensures your property is secure and protected.

Aluminum wire panel is lightweight, simple to install, and can secure the premises in quick time. In fact, it is way lighter than its steel and iron counterparts. It is also rust resistant and ideal in most conditions. An aluminum wire fence has several benefits including a comparably small cost in comparison to fences made from other materials.

No wonder, Aluminum wire fence panels are a leading choice for an extensive range of spaces including industrial, parks, and farms among others. North West Aluminum can help install this fence in your premises right the first time.

We Can Help Enhance the Security of the Fence

Aluminum wire fence offers a big challenge to the fence climbers. There just arenโ€™t a lot of footholds. With fewer inches separating the pattern in a wire fence, it is especially tough to balance and scale. Aluminum wire fence panels also hold fewer horizontal rails, hence less scope to climb.

We can make the fence even safer by joining a safety mesh to your fence panels and gates. We can weld this to a solid frame and then add it to the fence.

Add-ons like these ensure rodents, and other small animals wonโ€™t be able to enter your premises (as the beauty of the place could be affected if there are small holes dug up). Making it tough for them to access the area can prevent them from ruining the place that must stay level for sports or other activities. Having the park or field clean, secure, and with well-defined limits will make sure everyone can enjoy the place for years to come.

Fencing protects any property and secures it from outsiders and animals. Entrust NW Aluminum with your fencing project, and we will make use of high-quality aluminum wire fence panels to get the job done right the first time.

Safety comes first. Contact us today to enclose your space and keep it well separated by installing an aluminum fence.