Be different by design and durability with North West Aluminum fence rails!

When you create the concept of your next construction project, you most probably add a lot of ramps, balconies, and stairways. But there is another element that increase’s your building’s safety. This is aluminum fence rail.

We, at NW Aluminum, are proud to be among the experts who produce superior aluminum fence rails following international and federal safety codes for our employees and the environment. We strive for perfection. Our ambitious team works hard to add an elegant and sophisticated look to your project with our resistant aluminum fence rails.

NW Aluminum professionals rely on the power of aluminum to offer you exclusive features. We stay updated with the latest trends in terms of design and materials. You can say goodbye to the costly wooden fences, difficult to preserve and less resistant.

Embrace the change and join us for a totally new experience. Let us offer cost-efficient solutions in terms of maintenance and durability. An aluminum rail fence is always ready to stand up to harsh weather conditions. It is maintenance-free. In the long term this can be translated into money added your pocket.

Why are NW Aluminum fence rails superior?

We became leading experts in our sector thanks to our products’ qualities and extra advantages they offer.

  • Customized solutions

Our engineers are at your disposal to understand your requirements and come with tailor-made solutions for your projects. We focus on making unique products and so we push our limits with every project we deliver. We take customization to the next level. This means we make sure we follow exact measurements and meet our clients’ specifications.

  • Easy installation

Because we focus on maximum customization, we obtain a big advantage in comparison to our competitors. Once they are ready, our aluminum fence rails are very easy to install. We have no tolerance for errors and this keeps up on top of the best professionals in the industry.

  • Sturdiness over time

North West Aluminum is recognized for not comprising on the raw materials’ quality. We are among the fewest aluminum fence rail producers who can guarantee that our products will look nice for many years, even in the hardest environmental conditions. We make sure our fences require less to zero actions from your side. We want you to enjoy our products and your entire project!

We offer personalized solutions for both residential and commercial projects. NW Aluminum helps you add protection and style to your project while also not blocking the breathtaking view of your surroundings.

Ladies and gentlemen place your bets on our products as they will offer you extra advantages like:

  • Diversified colors palette
  • Incredibly low-maintenance
  • No extra painting needed during the product’s lifecycle
  • No rust, corrosion, cracks or peeling
  • Built by a team of experts following international and federal standards

Are you ready to envision the dramatic difference of design our aluminum fence rails can offer? Give us a call and NW Aluminum pros are ready to assist you.