Beautify your residence with NW Aluminum arched fence panels!

When you want to fence a perimeter that does not follow a straight line and 90 degrees turns, this does not mean that you cannot use some sturdy aluminum fence panels. North West Aluminum is proud to offer versatile solutions that will help you fence your garden or your courtyard. You can use our arched aluminum fence panels when you want to follow a curve or a radius.

Even though it may seem completely different, the installation of arched aluminum fence panels is actually the same as in the case of other aluminum fencing assemblies. We can do this thanks to our top-quality aluminum fence brackets that allow us to create the angles exactly how you want.

North West Aluminum is appreciated on the market thanks to our ability to make complicated things very simple. All you have to do is just give us more details on the perimeter you want to fence, and we will do the rest. What is more, if we are talking about curves and angles, our crew would be even more happier to master their skills on some uncommon projects.

North West Aluminum will create the angles you need with our arched aluminum fence panels!

North West Aluminum is leading the Canadian aluminum manufacturing market for many reasons. First, our materials’ quality drove us on the top. We offer extended warranty for our aluminum assemblies and we guarantee that they will resist for a lifetime. You do not need to change your fence after 10 years. Not even after 15 years! You buy it once and the fence manufactured by NW Aluminum will protect you for a lifetime.

Secondly, our arched aluminum fence panels will resist on any type of weather conditions. It does not matter if you live in the south, north, east, or west part of Canada. Our aluminum fences will stand on storms, snows, or extreme temperatures.

What is more, materials quality is not enough if you want to be on the first place. NW Aluminum is aware that the trends are changing and apart from quality, people are also looking for stylish designs. Our clients will not accept a design concept that does not match the era we are living now. They want their fences to be modern, elegant, and impressive. Therefore, we put all our efforts into staying up to date with the trends.

The fence’s color is also something that makes a client love or hate a fence. In addition, do you think that a client who sees the paint peel off after the first year will be satisfied? Of course, not! So, we took this aspect into consideration and we created the powder coated painting. It will keep the same color intensity for many years and your fence will look always like new.

We have many more surprises coming. Call us today and find more about them. North West Aluminum professionals are at your disposal to offer you complete fencing solutions that will pass the test of time.