Black Aluminum Railing Spindles in Ontario Canada

Black aluminum railing spindles enhances the look of any modern home

While there are standard sizes and designs in our catalog, we specialize in fabricating and delivering customized railings.

If this is your first time to have to install railings on your deck or porch, aluminum is a good material to start because it is zero maintenance, very durable and has a very high cost-value ratio. Plus, it mimics the appearance of wrought iron without the disadvantage of rusting and corrosion.

The color-baked aluminum railings also work well with composite materials or wood. The flush edges guarantee a safe surface for your kids. There are no sharp edges that can accidentally snag and rip clothes.

With the help of our design team, you can mix and match the plain square balusters with the decorative spindles to create a unique deck or porch for your home. You can also have a combination of wooden material and our aluminum balusters to give the traditional wooden deck and modern and industrial twist.

Types of Deck and Porch Railings

  • Steel. Steel is not often used in deck railings. But one advantage of using steel is its malleability. It is also very durable. The downside is that it’s vulnerable to rusting, which will not only age your deck but also compromise its integrity.
  • Wrought Iron. Wrought iron, like steel, can also be fabricated no matter how ornate the design of the spindle is. It’s also more expensive compared to steel, and there’s no protective finish which means it will be susceptible to rust.
  • Wood. Wooden railings give that elegant and rustic cabin feel. There are many hardwood lumbers to choose from like mahogany, cedar, and redwood. Some are more durable than others, of course. Composite railing, on the hand, is a combination of wood particles and plastic.
  • Aluminum. Compared to steel and wrought iron, aluminum doesn’t rust. It is also less dense compared to the two materials, which takes a huge load off your deck. Black aluminum railing spindles are almost maintenance-free so you do not have to worry even if they are exposed to the elements.

The finish of our aluminum products is the powder coat, which makes it even more weather-proof than it already is. The powder coat exceeds the minimum standards set by government regulators. Besides, it will allow us to customize the colors according to your requirements.

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