Black Aluminum

North West Aluminum offers a variety of innovative railing products that can be used to beautify your property inside and out. Our options include black aluminum, which offers the enduring style of cast iron at an affordable price.

Black aluminum railing systems are versatile, as it offers a streamlined, industrial appearance, and the durability and strength of the product makes it the perfect alternative to vinyl, particularly in instances where safety is more important than aesthetics.

North West Aluminum uses only the highest quality 100% black aluminum sheet to manufacture our railing products, which include:

  • handrails for stairs and ramps
  • swimming pool and perimeter fences
  • balcony railings
  • deck railings
  • and more.

Black aluminum – or carbon fiber reinforced polymer (or CFRP) – is not only used for its appearance, but also for its many other benefits.

Cost-efficiency: Black aluminum railings are significantly cheaper than other steel or iron alternatives.

Low maintenance:  Black aluminum requires minimal maintenance and the surface repels dirt and fingerprints.

Rust-resistant:  While wood requires maintenance and painting, and while some metals rust when used outdoors, black aluminum railings are durable, corrosion resistant and require no painting.

Easy installation: Black aluminum railings are easy to install for any do-it-yourself enthusiast or contractor.

Safety:  Black aluminum deck or balcony railings add security to your business or home. North West Aluminum railings meet all national building codes.

Durability:  Non-ferrous black aluminum can handle all the elements, from rain to wind, snow, and UV rays and it will not rot or warp like wood or rust like iron or steel railings.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer or black aluminum railings from North West Aluminum are made to last. We only use the finest materials and engineering designs to create our state-of-the-art aluminum railings and components to ensure optimal durability and safety.

Do you think black aluminum railings are right for you? Get in touch with one of our expert consultants by calling 647-952-5023 to discuss your options.