Cheap Aluminum Deck Railing Prices in Canada

North West Aluminum offers affordable aluminum deck railing prices

Aluminum deck railings don’t come for free. The good thing is, they aren’t exactly expensive either. There are various manufacturers of deck railings and they sell the products at a cheap price like here at NW Aluminum. There’s no better bargain for it. These aluminum deck railings may be priced cheap, but it doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality. All in all, these products offer both affordability and quality.

Building your dream home or installing necessary additions like railings and fences can be quite costly as you have to pay for the materials needed plus the labor. However, if they are not properly installed, it might cause further issues, particularly on your budget. To prevent such problems, consider opting for a material that is durable and long-lasting such as our aluminum railings for decks and stairs here at NW Aluminum.

You are probably considering other materials for your home because most people say that a deck railing aluminum price is very expensive. However, little do most people know is that aluminum deck railing systems’ prices are more affordable than other railing materials. Let’s take a look at how much aluminum deck railing costs compared to the usual materials used in railings such as wood, vinyl, and steel to help you decide wisely.

Cost of Aluminum vs. Wood

Truth be told, aluminum is a bit pricier than wood. In fact, wood is the most low-priced material on the market. A wood’s price ranges from $5-$11 per sq. ft while the aluminum railing for decks’ price is much higher. But think about the maintenance and repair that wood and aluminum would cost you in the long run. The wood material for railings and fences requires high maintenance – it needs to be sealed, stained, treated with chemicals, and so much more yet it will still rot after quite some time. But with our aluminum railings here at NW Aluminum, you wouldn’t even have to bother much with the upkeep because our product is low maintenance and long-lasting.

Cost of Aluminum vs. Vinyl

One of the materials that try to compete with aluminum is vinyl. We have to admit, it is hard to identify which one of the two, aluminum deck railing and vinyl railing costs better when it comes to their standard retail price. Vinyl railings’ shape and size could change when extreme temperature occurs. Thus, you would still have to pay more for its repair and maintenance. On the other hand, nothing would compare to the strength of aluminum railing here at NW Aluminum. It lasts longer despite extreme weather conditions and only needs very minimal maintenance.

Cost of Aluminum vs. Steel

How much is aluminum deck railing compared to steel? Well, steel costs more than aluminum. But just because aluminum deck railing cost lower doesn’t mean it has poor quality than steel. In fact, our aluminum here at NW Aluminum is more durable than steel. Steel rusts over time, especially if it’s not well-maintained but aluminum doesn’t even if you clean it once a year. Needless to say, it is better to opt for aluminum railings. 

If you’re deciding what material to use on your railings and fences, we highly recommend you to choose aluminum because aluminum deck railing prices are not just affordable but it is also sturdy and versatile. If you need more information about the cost, check out our aluminum deck railing calculator and call 647-952-5023 to find out the aluminum deck prices in Canada.