Choose North West Aluminum as your fence producer and you can be sure that you will receive a product that will last.

We use top-notch raw materials to deliver premium products that will endure even the most severe environmental conditions. Our powder-coated aluminum fences require minimal maintenance.

We are proud to offer you the best value for the money.

What differentiates NW Aluminum from the others?

We developed our business around four priorities:

  • We focus on our customers. Our customer service team uses the latest tools for customer management and scheduling. We keep our colleagues updated with the newest technology trends and we invest in helping them develop new skills when it comes to customer interaction.
  • We are quality driven. We never compromise on the materialsโ€™ quality. We keep a strict quality control during our acquisition process.
  • Our team members have something in common: a passion for what we do. We select our staff members following rigorous criteria. It does not matter which department they are going to work in, our colleagues love what they do and are committed to adding value to their daily work.
  • We take powder coated aluminum fencing to the next level. For us, enough is not enough. No project is impossible in our view. This is why North West Aluminum is always ready to go the extra mile to get your job done!

Why is aluminum better for fences?

Aluminum is a material hardly affected by corrosion. So, it resists for a long period. It also requires low maintenance. This material has also a big advantage. Due to the recent increase in price for steel aluminum has become a lot more affordable.

Why is powder coating so popular?

In comparison to traditional painting, powder coating is environmentally friendly. The powder coating procedure means that a powdered plastic is sprayed onto the aluminum. It does not require any solvents and it is very easy to preserve. Another great thing about it is that the powdered plastic has its own UV stabilizers which means that your fence will have a long-lasting shine.

Is powder coated aluminum hard to preserve?

Once NW Aluminum has installed your powder coated aluminum fence, you will not have to stress about the maintenance process. You just need some soap and clean water twice per year to remove residues and stains. ย 

Still not convinced?

North West Aluminum guarantees that our powder coated fences can last for at least 20 years. All you need to do is follow our maintenance recommendations. Unlike traditional paints, powder coating will not crack, blemish or pare.

What does it mean for you in the long term? More money in your pocket thanks to the low maintenance and 20+ years resistance.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let NW Aluminum help you make a lifetime investment by buying a powder coated aluminum fence.