Choose the 36-inch aluminum fence from North West Aluminum and be unique by quality and design!

When you decide to fence your property, there are many criteria that influence your decision. First of all, you think of design. You want to be unique and impress with a modern look. In addition, your fence design has to match your property style. You also think about pricing. It would be great to find a manufacturer able to offer quality materials and a competitive price.

But have you ever thought which is the ideal height for an aluminum fence? One of the most popular products manufactured by NW Aluminum is the 36-inch aluminum fence panels. Why do our clients choose this product? You will find more below.

Here is everything you need to know about the 36-high aluminum fence!

If you did not know, you can choose a fence without actually seeing it. The 36-inch height is the standard height for most aluminum fences. This is a short fence which you can install to protect your residence or to separate various areas in your backyard. What is more, the short height makes the 36-high aluminum fence extremely appealing in terms of design.

This is a perfect fence to install when you want your neighbors see your beautiful garden and residence. However, it is considered to offer low protection against possible threats. Therefore, it is better to think very well how protected you want your house to be before you ask a quotation for a 36-aluminum fence.

Why are 36 aluminum fence gates manufactured by North West Aluminum so special?

Not many aluminum fence manufacturers are able to offer the wide variety of benefits that NW can put on the table. Take a look at the list below and let your imagination play and shape your future 35 aluminum fence:

  • Convenient price. We are aware of the big investments our clients make when they start their building projects. This is why our purpose is to take a big headache off their heads. We personalize each offer and we make sure to stay in their budget.
  • Durable. Once you buy our 36-aluminum fence you understand that you made a lifetime investment. Our materials will not be affected by corrosion or rust and will resist to challenging environmental conditions.
  • Versatility. NW Aluminum stays updated with the latest design updates and installation methods. Therefore, we make sure that our fences and gates fit to your design needs and measures.
  • Low maintenance. As long as you follow our maintenance instructions you will see how easy it is to have an aluminum fence provided by NW Aluminum.

Call North West Aluminum today and ask for a quotation for your future 36 aluminum fence. Our team of professional is curious to know more about your project and offer you a tailored-made offer. We guarantee durability, easy installation, everything at convenient prices.