Choose the aluminum picket fence panels and learn what a fence with low-maintenance looks like!

Aluminum is known to be a very resistant and affordable material. The aluminum picket fence panels manufactured by North West Aluminum are extremely versatile. We are able to adjust them to any height and model our clients want. What is more, we offer a multitude of colors which you can choose depending on your tastes. We want to please all our clients and we put all the efforts to achieve it. Whether you want to stay classy or go for a more modern design, we have a solution for you.

The aluminum picket fence panels represent the perfect combination between design and low-maintenance. This fence will look very stylish, being at the same time very easy to maintain. In addition, we keep very high standards in terms of materials quality. We follow very strict guidelines make sure that our fences are durable and will resist on any type of weather condition.

Why you should choose aluminum picket fence panels?

All our clients who have chosen the aluminum picket fence panels declared that the main reason why they chose them is because these fences do not require too much effort. You do not have to constantly wash or clean your picket fences.

NW Aluminum is known for producing fence panels that last for a lifetime. We offer extended guarantee for our products. Our clients reported that their fences look as good as new even after 10 or 15 years. In addition, we use advanced painting techniques which offer us the advantage that our painting will not peel or dry out.

This is the ideal option when you are looking to combine a fair price with resistant materials which will last for an extended period. North West Aluminum is doing more than manufacturing aluminum products. We offer an extraordinary experience to our customers not just because of the high-quality materials that we provide, but also because of our team.

We treat our employees like family and this can be seen in the interactions they have with our clients. It is very important for us that our clients feel that they are prioritized and satisfied with the products we provide. In addition, we value the feedback received from our clients and we do everything we can to improve our services quality.

Don’t put your next project off any longer. You need that aluminum fence and you know it very well. You need a fence that will protect you and offer you privacy. What is more, we will offer you an aluminum fence which is low-maintenance and very resistant.