Choose the appropriate aluminum electric fence wire 17 ga and keep wild animals away from your property!

Being a farmer means a lot of effort and worries. You want to increase your farm’s productivity and this is why you invest a lot in animals, equipment, and staff. As soon as your farm starts to grow, you discover that it becomes very difficult to keep your livestock away from being attacked by wild animals.

Unlike the residential properties, the farms are built in more isolated places. Therefore, there are many dangers that you are exposed to. We are not talking now only about privacy, but also you need to protect your farm from predators. The smell of fresh animals will attract a lot of wild animals who, after all, do exactly what they were born to do: hunt all day long.

Under these circumstances, there is a serious concern that starts to appear in your mind. What is the best fence solution for a farm? What materials should a farmer use when he wants to protect his farm? What are the advantages of electric fence wire?

NW Aluminum will be able to answer to all these questions and offer you complete, personalized solutions for your needs. Each project is very important for us and our team of professionals are always excited to step into a new project and give our clients peace of mind.

The most effective aluminum electric fence wire 17 ga on the market!

There are many features that drove NW Aluminum electric fence wire 17 ga on our clients’ preferences. Our customers become our long-term partners and we proud to take part of their projects every time they call us. However, there is not only our people who impress our clients, but also our products’ quality.

Buy today the aluminum electric fence wire 17 ga and you will benefit from unique features like:

  • We trust our products and this is why we offer lifetime warranty against rust.
  • Our aluminum electric fence wire 17 ga has maximum conductivity which makes it the perfect option for long distances.
  • It conducts electricity four times better than steel wire which means increased protection against wild animals or other threats.
  • Very flexible, which enables us to twist or tie the wires without too much effort or special equipment. You can even do it yourself if you want to.

You cannot miss our special offer if you want to protect your farm or garden from invaders. You work too hard in your farm to expose it to attackers. Thus, it is better to give us a call and ask us for a free estimate. No more surprise costs. We are happy to offer you affordable solutions for your needs.