Choose to be a wise investor and ask North West Aluminum for a personalized aluminum panel offer!

A fence made of wood is considered to be very classy and elegant. However, it is difficult to take care of it and it will not resist too much over time. Therefore, if you want to stay elegant and modern, you can try aluminum and get ready for a totally new experience.

North West Aluminum is proud to offer complete solutions for aluminum panels. We provide a worthwhile alternative to the expensive and pretentious wood fences. Aluminum has a lot of benefits and it will look great whether you want to enclose a commercial or residential space.

North West Aluminum is taking the aluminum panels to a new level!

Since we first started our business, we developed a wide portfolio of projects and happy clients who are always coming back for more products. We are proud to say that we were among the pioneers in the aluminum industry who managed to change people’s mentality.

We explained them how many benefits aluminum panels can have. In addition, we managed to make them understand that they will be able to keep the same elegant and modern look while also benefiting from other key features.

Therefore, we can say today that our clients are our best visit card and they understood how much they can win if they choose the aluminum solution:

  • Affordable option. Thanks to the materials’ price drop, we are able to present competitive offers to our clients without compromising on quality. We are among the fewest companies in Canada who are appreciated for not having hidden costs and doing our best to stay in our clients’ budget.
  • Versatility. North West Aluminum panels can be installed anywhere. We do not need a flat surface in order to be able to successfully install our aluminum fence. Even if we are dealing with a slope, this doesn’t mean that your fence will not be straight. Our team of professionals will manage to deliver it without problems.
  • Sturdiness over time. We chose to manufacture our fences from aluminum because it is one of the fewest metals which is not affected by corrosion. In comparison to iron, your aluminum fences will not rust. What is more, you will not have to worry about moisture or intense sunlight. Your fence will look the same many years after we installed it.
  • Low-maintenance. Unlike wood or iron, aluminum panels do not need any re-painting or re-staining. We use powder-coating paint for our aluminum panels which means that they will keep the same colors for many years. It does not require any special treatments or efforts from your side.

An aluminum fence produced by NW Aluminum is equivalent to a lifetime investment. We focus on our clients’ satisfaction and we offer high-quality materials. In addition, our crew is always at your disposal to answer your questions and personalize our offers.