Commercial Aluminum

Aluminum is an all round choice

The probability that you are skeptical about aluminum for a commercial project is high. Its okay. We get that you want the best. We have dealt with many clients who were not easily convinced about installing a commercial aluminum railing system. NW Aluminum has developed a system that will assist you see value in investing in aluminum as the favored material for your railing system.

The first act involves us seating down and listening to what you have to say. When you have laid your heart on the table we can make suggestions after we have made a courtesy visit to your commercial or industrial property to see how we can actually bring your dreams to fruition.

With the right information gathered we begin the second stage. This is where we design the commercial railing system.  Sticking to your desires and ensuring that we don’t violate safety codes we get down to work. When we are done we will bring you designs for:

  • Commercial aluminum stair railing
  • Commercial aluminum balcony railing
  • Commercial exterior aluminum railings

This isn’t an exhaustive list it’s just a primer of what we will have on your portfolio. If you approve of our designs we will proceed to the next step and bring the designs to life. By now your heart should be settled.

Finally, we will do the installation for you. This process is meant to answer the niggling doubts you have about quality.

Additionally, we can tell you that Commercial aluminum railing systems perform better than steel or other materials for that matter. They offer:

  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Strength
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Value for money

There simply isn’t a better suited material on the market today. Elegance at ridiculous prices is a misnomer in today’s economy.North West Aluminum is what you are looking for. Give us a ring on 555-555-5555. Also, take a look at our online catalogue at