Custom Aluminum Fence Panels — Forged for Life

Aluminum fencing can be considered for both private and industrial purposes as the range of grades it is available in makes it a solid choice. Besides, custom aluminum fence panels are easy to install.

If you are looking for a durable fence, aluminum is a great material to consider because it is maintenance-free. You do not have to paint it and no longer have to worry about cracking, corrosion, chipping, or peeling.

What Grade Do You Require?

Based on your safety, privacy, and aesthetic needs, you can select residential, business or industrial custom aluminum fence panels.

As you shift from residential to business to industrial grade, you are buying a fence panel built with more metal. You can get any grade panel and rest assured that your aluminum fence will need little to no upkeep and will not rust.

An average homeowner will be pleased with residential custom aluminum fence panels. You can use these around your pool, yard, or other places around your home. At North West Aluminum, we are aware that your area may have special conditions for pool fences. We reach local authorities before setting up a pool fence – or any fence for that matter.

Commercial custom aluminum fence panels are bulkier than residential panels. They are perfect for areas with more traffic. We can help you select the right fence panels for offices, schools, retail centers, hospitals, and hotels. The pickets and rails on these fence panels are bigger and the rails have extra internal support for durability.

You can opt for industrial custom aluminum fence panels for the most demanding sites —hospitals, airports, military among others. These panels also ensure the highest security, if you consider additions like curved pickets and spears.

Why Consider Custom Panels?

One of the advantages of custom aluminum fence panels and posts is that they can come pre-punched based on your distinct fence configuration – height, style, number of rails among others. Once we set the panel-to-post joint, the panels are not going to fall out of place, rattle or shake.

We can precisely cut the width of your fence panels on-site to finish any run measurement that you have in mind. We describe this as ‘trim to fit.’ It is simple, quick, and can be achieved with any hacksaw or electric saw (metal-bladed).

NW Aluminum takes care of all the tools and hardware required to install the custom aluminum fence panels.