Decorative Aluminum Gates Are Stylish and Trending As an Option for Every Home

When looking for an ornamental or decorative gate for your property, it makes more sense to consider a decorative aluminum gate that can save you quite a bit of money. Today, it is aluminum that is chosen for driveway gates, courtyard or walkway gates because of its versatility for variety and customization. An aluminum gate is the perfect statement of class and style blending in well with the architecture of any house.

Northwest Aluminum provides you an array of the highest quality aluminum decorative gates and driveway gates. You can choose from different designs such as vintage, contemporary, gothic or Victorian making it a perfect elegant fixture on your property. In case you didn’t know, a classy ornamental gate made from aluminum actually increases the value of a house improving and enhancing the elegance of its architecture.

Longevity and affordability are two main features why aluminum gates are in demand

What sets aluminum gates apart from wood and wrought iron is longevity and price. With Aluminum, affordability should never be confused with inferior quality. At NW Aluminum, we ensure you a budget-friendly decorative aluminum gate of the highest quality, durability, and finish. What’s more!! Your relationship with us doesn’t end with purchasing a gate, we assure you of all assistance in installation and service. Maintenance is something you need never worry about as an aluminum gate doesn’t require any.

Aluminum gates on your driveway come with exceptional features of hardware that can be improved with accessories such as a choice of sturdy latches like gravity latches or magnetic, and remote operational systems for opening and closing your gate. Moreover, you get to choose your gate color too. As a gate manufacturer well known for its hallmark of quality Northwest aluminum can offer you customized products in a variety of colors.

What gives aluminum its remarkable durability?

The biggest advantage of a decorative aluminum gate on your driveway, garden or walkway is the powder coated material that is applied to every item. This not only gives the gate its color, it can ensure every gate withstands years and years of climate conditions and wear and tear. Aluminum decorative gates are weather resistant; rust free, anti-corrosive and of course rodent proof. They can’t chew on aluminum obviously so that’s one more reason to choose aluminum over wood.

The main features of a decorative aluminum gate

  • Special powder coating protection
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti rust and anti corrosive
  • Zero maintenance
  • Cheaper than wood or iron
  • No painting required
  • Choice of colors
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

The benefits of an aluminum decorative gate are many. It isn’t just a decorative piece standing there for show on your driveway, garden or lawn. It is a style statement increasing the beauty of your home. It is an element of security and a symbol of durability because aluminum lasts almost forever.

Aluminum gates can be enhanced for higher features

With Northwest Aluminum, rest assured you are in safe hands when ordering a decorative aluminum gate. We do not deal in inferior products like hollow tubular gates but will provide you genuine cast aluminum gates that are strong enough to maintain the security of your home. All of our products such as aluminum driveway gates or decorative driveway gates are compatible with automatic gate operating systems such as remote, intercom or electronic key pad opening devices.

When choosing an aluminum decorative gate, look no further than Northwest Aluminum who understands gates perfectly. We know what it means to any house owner to have that perfect gate installed with accuracy and exceptional finish.