Do Aluminum Railings Rust

Another year, another coat of paint for your old wooden railing. You’ve been looking around at other options and you’ve heard some good things about aluminum railings. It’s affordable. It can be custom made to your specifications. It is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. But you’re wondering “…does aluminum railing rust?”

North West Aluminum products are rust-resistant, due to the way in which it is treated.

What is rust?

Oxygen reacts with iron-containing metals, which leads to oxidation and, eventually, rust. Unlike copper, aluminum does not contain iron, so it does not rust.

Rust stains may occur on some types of aluminum surfaces, especially if a nearby metal garden chair or garden tool rested against it, or because it is fastened or attached to the aluminum railing. Sometimes, water may drip from an iron containing plant holder onto your railing, causing rust stains.

For that reason, North West Aluminum specially designs aluminum parts and components for our railings, including extrusions, flanges and brackets. After all, that’s what you have come to expect from the experts in the field.

Aluminum’s rust-resistance is further enhanced by the treatments we subject it to, including:

  • powder coating
  • electrostatic baked on enamel finishes
  • embedded fasteners

When you buy your standard or custom designed aluminum railings from North West Aluminum, you can rest assured that they will last for many years, maintaining their durability and strength. They will not:

  • deteriorate
  • fade
  • warp
  • rot
  • or rust.

So not only does aluminum railing not rust, but it also is easy to install, durable, and it requires minimal maintenance. Simply clean your outdoor aluminum railings once a year using a mild detergent and inspect it. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re still wondering do aluminum railings rust? The answer is no, but you’re free to call us and speak to a consultant about your specific needs. Call us now on 647-952-5023.