Don’t compromise on quality with the 12-gauge aluminum fence wire from North West Aluminum!

Protecting his farm is one of the primary concerns of a farmer. It matters just as much as making the farm more productive. How can you be more productive if your livestock is frequently attacked by wild animals? You have to keep them alive and protected from predators. What is more, even though you try to protect them yourself, you have to take into consideration the danger you are exposed to. You cannot fight a wild animal even if you would want to.

Installing a tall fence may be a workable solution, but it is not the best solution. Imagine that the wild animals are intelligent and used to overcome any obstacles in order to get the food they want. Therefore, you should think of something stronger than this.

North West Aluminum is aware of all these struggles. This made us come with an efficient solution to help you protect your animals. Therefore, we created the 12.5-gauge aluminum electric fence wire to keep attackers away. It does not matter if you want to protect your ranch from wild animals or any other threats, you can trust our 12-gauge aluminum fence wire.

How will the 12-gauge aluminum fence wire protect your property?

For North West, Aluminum quality is the most essential element. However, we could not be competitive if we would offer quality materials and a very high price. We wanted to find a balance, and this is how we managed to become the leading expert in aluminum fence wires in Canada.

Of course, you will find many cheaper alternatives on the market. You should take into consideration that the price will not keep you protected. We have tested the 12.5-gauge aluminum electric fence wire to make sure that it will offer extensive protection for our customers. This is why we are proud to say that we received so far plenty of positive reviews from our clients mentioning the high-quality of our products and services.

In addition, our aluminum fence wire will never be affected by rust. We count on the fantastic properties provided by aluminum which means that it will not oxidize. Moreover, it needs minimum maintenance. You do not have to spend more money on buying expensive maintenance products for your fence. It is enough to pay the initial price for buying and installing it and you can rest assured that it will protect you for many years.

Give us a call today and ask for a free appointment. We will not charge you for the initial discussion as this is our opportunity to know you and understand your needs. Once we find all the details, we will prepare a personalized offer and send it to you. Depending on your answer, we will be ready to continue with the fence manufacturing and installation.