Enjoy a sunny and safe day at the pool thanks to the aluminum pool fence panels!

Just imagine how your summer would look like if you have a nice pool in your backyard. While a pool is something many homeowners want and manage to build, not all of them know that apart from being fun, a pool can also be extremely dangerous. Especially when you have small kids and pets playing around the water it is very important to always pay attention and prevent any unwanted accidents.

But what do you do when you are extremely busy, and it is difficult to keep an eye on your playful kids and pets? You need to take some security measurements and protect them. North West Aluminum is proud to be your partner whenever you need to add protection and privacy around your pool.

We offer prefab aluminum fence panels, extremely easy to install for your pool. In addition, we successfully combine safety and durability with design. We do not only execute portable aluminum fence panels that offer protection and privacy, but we also produce aluminum fences that look good around your pool.

Why is North West Aluminum the preferred supplier for aluminum pool fence panels in Canada?

There are many reasons why our clients pick us. Firstly, we put safety above anything else. This means that our prefab aluminum fence panels are made of sturdy materials which will resist in time. In addition, our aluminum pool fence panels are covered in powder-coated paint. Therefore, once you choose your favorite color, you will not have to worry that after the first autumn and winter you will need to paint your fence again. It will keep the same color and shine for many years and it will require minimal maintenance from your side.

In addition, we are always updated with the local laws and news and do everything we can to protect our clients’ interest. Therefore, all our aluminum pool fence panels will respect the recommended height and safety measures. We don’t want you to become part of the national statistics mentioning that hundreds of children die every year in pool accidents.

What is more, we pay a lot of attention to your backyard and house style. We like symmetry and elegant designs. Therefore, we will come up with design proposals that will match your style and add a fresh and modern look to your home.

North West Aluminum is happy to partner with you and offer complete solutions to fence your pool. We want you to leave the stress aside and trust our solutions for secure aluminum pool fence panels. Call us today and we will be ready to finalize your project.