Get Affordable Aluminum Deck Spindles Prices at NW Aluminum

Get the most out of your money by purchasing aluminum deck spindles than wood

Deck spindles can do a lot of aesthetic value to a home, and people who are really into chic designs should consider getting it. Though you may find the aluminum deck spindles prices a bit high, aluminum deck spindles are the best in the category. We at NW Aluminum make sure that the aluminum deck spindles you are eyeing on are worth every penny that you will spend.

When thinking about railing materials, the first things that come into the mind of most homeowners are wood, steel, and vinyl. We can’t blame them, though. The standard retail price of wood is the cheapest among all the railing materials in the market while vinyl costs almost the same as the aluminum. On the other hand, the price of steel is higher than aluminum but people often opt for it because of the notion that if something costs higher, then it’s probably made of high quality. However, those materials won’t help you save up in the long run. Here are the reasons why:

Comparison of Aluminum and Wood

A wooden material for railings cost $20-$25 per linear foot while aluminum deck spindles prices here at NW Aluminum averages from $25-$45 per linear foot, depending on the style (note that we price our spindles in section and we also consider the measurements of every spindle from top to bottom rail). At first glance, you might consider opting for wood instead of aluminum, but not after finding out the cost of maintenance and repairs. Wood is susceptible to decay; when the weather changes, it creates moisture. The moist in wood is a good breeding ground for fungi that will feed on it. In order to prevent the wood from rotting away, you have to seal it, coat it, and perform other maintenance from time to time, making you spend more money in the long run. On the contrary, when you choose aluminum as a material for your railings, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on its upkeep. Aluminum railing and fence materials here at NW Aluminum require less to zero maintenance.

Comparison of Aluminum and Vinyl

Vinyl and aluminum’s standard retail price is almost the same. Even so, if you are going to think about the long-term effects of choosing vinyl, like the wooden materials, its repair and maintenance could cost you more. The price of vinyl may equal to that of aluminum’s, but it can’t equate to the lifespan and strength of aluminum spindles and railings here at NW Aluminum. Vinyl is also known to change in shape and size when the temperature is altered. As a result, you’ll need to have it repaired which will cost you more.

Comparison of Aluminum and Steel

Steel spindles and other parts of railings and fences are undeniably far more pricey than aluminum. But somehow, people often see this as one of the reasons to choose steel rather than aluminum because of the belief that if something costs more, then it’s probably more effective or worth it. In reality, steel easily rusts; therefore, you would also have to spend on its upkeep. In the end, you didn’t only pay more on its standard retail price; you also paid out more for its maintenance.

Our products here at NW Aluminum are very affordable. For some, it might not be the cheapest in the market, but we can assure you that you’ll be able to save up in the long run with our products. To find out yourself how our products fare, call us now at 647-952-5023.