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We ensure proper compliance with the building code!

NW Aluminum offers aluminum railing and fencing products and installation services for years now. We also have over 200 designs you can choose from, and we can do customized orders that will suit your personal preference! We work on both residential and commercial projects. Basically, we provide the best aluminum railings in Ontario, as well as in key cities such as Toronto!

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Choosing the Right Railing Materials and Adherence to the Building Code

By now, we already know how important railings and fencings are in terms of safety and privacy. These structures can add a personal touch and enhance overall aesthetic to any property. More importantly, railings should serve its ultimate purpose: to provide safety among the building’s residents or tenants.

Good aluminum railing in Ontario provides benefits among building owners. Among benefits of using aluminum railing are the following:

  1. Low-maintenance
  2. Does not easily rust, rot, corrode, or splinter
  3. Cost-efficient
  4. Provides aesthetic value
  5. Variety of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from
  6. Easy assembly (great for DIY lovers!)

Likewise, it is also important to be familiar with your city’s building code to effectively implement construction of the structure and adhere with the city’s standards.

First of all, a good supplier should know your local city’s requirements, or your building plans will all be in vain. For one, the rails should meet the minimum lateral load requirement to effectively support a person relying on it.

For starters, here are some of the OBC’s basic building requirements:

For single family homes

  1. Railings must measure 36 inches in height for structures with a landing ground of less than 5 feet, 9 inches.
  2. On the other hand, railings must measure 42 inches in height for structures with a landing ground of more than 5 feet, 9 inches.
  3. Stair railings must measure 36 inches in height, regardless whether they are mounted to the stairs or on the walls.
  4. Vertical pickets must not exceed more than 4 inches on center.


For multi-residential or commercial buildings

  1. All railings must measure 42 inches in height, regardless of the landing ground height.
  2. Similar to single family homes, stair rails must also be 36 inches high, regardless whether they are mounted to the walls or the stairs.
  3. Similar to single family homes, vertical pickets must also not exceed more than 4 inches on center.

Hire the Best Supplier of Aluminum Railing Systems In Ontario!

There are many suppliers of aluminum railing systems in Ontario, Canada, but NW Aluminum ensures proper compliance with the OBC. Aside from that, NW Aluminum assures all of its customers not only high-quality products, but also its installation legality in compliance with Ontario’s building standards! For product or service queries, dial 647-952-5023, or email us at info@nwaluminum.com!