Hire a Pro to Paint Your Aluminum Deck Railing

We provide quality aluminum deck railing paint job.

To successfully paint aluminum deck railings, it requires preparation and skill. This means cleaning the aluminum, removing dirt and sanding the surface for better results.

One of the things to consider in painting your deck railing is the weather. Of course you want a sunny day as this will help your paint job to dry faster. Rain and humidity can affect the painting process, so it is important to choose the right time and day.

Achieve the Aluminum Railing Color You Want With NW Aluminum

Cleaning the railing is an essential process in this project. For better adhesion of the paint and primer, sanding of the aluminum railing should be done thoroughly. After sanding it, clean away all the dust and dirt. You can also wash the aluminum railing or use degreasing agent to remove grease.

Before starting our painting process, we cover the work vicinity to help protect the area around the railing from sprays and spills of unwanted paint. We use a cloth or a waterproof material for cover.

When it is all clean and dry, the primer is applied. Choosing the right primer is important in this process. There are lots of primers to choose from, but we make sure that we use primers suited for aluminum. After a few hours, when it is fully dried, the paint color that you want is applied. Like the primer we only use paint especially made for aluminum surfaces.

Why Paint Your Aluminum Deck Railings

There are actually aluminum deck railings available in different colors. To make it easy, you can simply avail these types of railings. So instead of painting your old railing, you can choose to invest in a new one.

However, some still choose to have their railings painted because they want it to look new and fresh. If the railing is old and you want to improve its appearance, applying a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.

Aluminum railings are not really meant to be coated with paint because it is already covered with powder coating that makes it corrosion resistant. But if your aluminum railing is already old and it was already painted before, you can choose to paint it. However, the painting process requires expertise. It is best hire a professional to handle this task and achieve better outcomes.

For old aluminum railings applying a new coat of paint offers additional protective layer from corrosion and constant exposure to extreme weather.

A new coat is also needed for those who want to have a railing that matches the color of their home or building. They can also choose a color that compliments their property and improves its appearance.

NW Aluminum for Your Aluminum Railing’s Painting Needs

If you want to achieve class and professional paint work, we at NW aluminum can help you. We specialize in painting aluminum deck railing. We also have highly skilled staff that can finish the task in a timely manner. Contact us today at 647-952-5023 if you want your aluminum railing to be painted by a pro.