How Much Does an Aluminum Deck Railing Cost Per Linear Foot?

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The average price of aluminum deck railings ranges between $ 65 -$105 per linear foot. However, prices may vary, depending on the style and the size of the job.

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Price Comparison of Different Deck Railing Materials

Planning to build your deck is crucial. Aside from planning which material to use that is more durable and aesthetically-attractive, an owner should also consider the cost, from the material itself up to the installation. The deck’s final look will, of course, depend on the owner’s preference, material, and budget.

Moreover, the cost of a deck railing depends on what material it is made of. All home or property owners would agree on the fact that no matter what material they use, they are always after the material’s cost, as well as how it would look after installation.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. No Railing.Obviously, this is where you can save cost the most. Installing deck railings may depend on your local city’s building standards; but generally, there’s no need for one if the deck is less than 30 inches off the ground.
  2. Composite Railing.This type of rail material is said to be easier to clean and long-lasting. Plus, it’s low-maintenance, too. Composite railings may be quite expensive, because it can cost around $60 and above per linear foot.
  3. 3. Cable Railing.For those who want to maximize the view outdoors, a cable rail is a great option. The metal cables take minimal space and do not block your view. However, this type of railing may be quite costly, at around $60 per linear foot, excluding labor costs.
  4. Wood Railing.This type of railing material is ideal for budget-conscious clients, with an estimated cost of around $20 to $28 per linear foot. However, it may not be as weather-resistant as steel and aluminum. Speaking of aluminum…
  5. Aluminum Railing.This type of rail material is proven to be more durable and resistant from wear-and-tear. As for the price, an aluminum deck railing cost per foot ranges around $50, slightly lower than the cost of an iron railing.

As mentioned earlier, the total cost of an entire deck project may also include installation and other materials’ cost, so clients should prepare their budget well for their respective projects.

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