How to Install Aluminum Railing Posts

Congratulations on choosing North West Aluminum, your best choice for low-maintenance, durable and strong railings. Our powder coated aluminum products feature a beautiful baked-on enamel finish and their lightweight nature makes our prefabricated aluminum porch railings the perfect weekend project for the avid DIYer. You don’t need any special tools either!

Your kit will come with specific instructions for installing your new railings, based on this guide. Before you start the installation, be sure to check all the local code requirements and read the instructions carefully to ensure correct installation.

Never swap the hardware contained in the railing kit for any other hardware, as this could lead to corrosion, which would reduce the integrity of your railing.

How to install aluminum railing posts – step-by-step

The aluminum railing installation consists of three stages, namely: installing reinforcements underneath the decking, installing the posts, and installing the rails.

  1. Lay out your hardware.
  2. Mark the installation points, ensuring that the base is a minimum of 2″ from the edge of your deck.
  3. Ensure that your wood decking is properly reinforced, or that you have the appropriate structural weatherproof anchors for your application.
  4. Plumb and square your post using the shims included in your prefabricated aluminum railings kit.
  5. Secure the post to the deck and slide on your post skirt.
  6. Repeat this for all your posts before continuing with the foot block assembly, brackets and foot block, and eventually, the installation of your railing materials.

Prefabricated aluminum rails from North West Aluminum are easy to install, thanks to the innovative design and simple directions. Now you don’t need to hire aluminum railing installers to benefit from a high quality, attractive aluminum railing for your home.

Need help or advice with how to install aluminum railing posts? North West Aluminum is only a phone call away, and our helpful consultants will gladly assist. Call them on  647-952-5023 now.