Installing an Aluminum Manufactured Driveway Gate Is an Affordable Option over Wood

The perfect gate for your driveway

12’ aluminum driveway gates manufactured by Northwest Aluminum are strong and sturdy with a high degree of durability. They don’t rot or decay like regular wooden gates. There is no issue of weather corrosion either as in the case of a wooden gate susceptible to water and possibly termite damage. 12 foot driveway gates made from aluminum are ideal, rust free and light, and add an aesthetic look to your driveway.

If you are looking for something stylish, then NW aluminum’s freedom 12 ft aluminum driveway gate oozes style and it won’t compromise on security being one of the best products you could have on your driveway.

Aluminum gates are manufactured with the highest quality

At Northwest Aluminum, we manufacture our gates with the finest quality of extruded aluminum sections designed to have a wooden appearance but without the hassles and issue of decay. There is also the factor of maintenance in wooden gates especially when you want them looking good and shiny. That means continuous expense, but that’s not the case if you install a 12 foot aluminum driveway gate. Once the gate is installed, you can rest easy knowing you may not have to replace or maintain it for years.

The advantage of a 12’aluminum driveway gate

  • High degree of durability
  • Maintenance free
  • High quality finish that looks like iron or steel
  • It will never need painting
  • Easy installation
  • Easy and affordable repair
  • Aesthetic style
  • Choice of color
  • Safer than wood gates

Do you really need further reasons to install an aluminum gate on your driveway? Today more people are choosing driveway gates of aluminum over wood because of the high maintenance cost. Moreover, the coating and finishing of a 12’ aluminum driveway gate meets stringent standards of quality for aluminum coatings which is why you could be getting up to 10 years guarantee for your gate.

Manufactured Aluminum gates ooze style and appeal

As a gate manufacturer with experience, Northwest Aluminum can help you choose that perfect 12 foot aluminum driveway gate. We don’t just sell you a product we keep you well informed about the advantages of one so you can make a better decision. Think about the costs of a heavy wooden gate. Then think the freedom 12 ft aluminum gate sitting pretty on your driveway. What appeals most to you?

Get this! Did you know that aluminum gates on your driveway use less powerful motors than a wooden one? This gives you an added measure of safety and a lighter gate to handle rather than a heavy shoulder breaking wooden one.