Invest today in a 9-gauge aluminum electric fence wire and benefit from extra-protection from North West Aluminum!

Installing electric fences on a farm is one of the most common and popular solutions that farmers choose when they want to protect their farms. A farmer needs to protect his livestock from wild animals. However, you need to be aware of the local regulations in terms of electric fencing. Even though they are the most efficient to protect your farm, you cannot use it everywhere.

North West Aluminum consists of an extended team of professionals. Starting from our customer service department to our engineers, managers, and other members of the staff, we are all updated with the latest technology trends and legislation. This offers us a great advantage in front of our competitors. Even though we know how important it is for you to protect your farm, we would never recommend you install it near your milking facilities as it is forbidden by law and not healthy both for the animals and the owners.

NW Aluminum has an impressive catalog with electric fence wires. You can choose from varied sizes and materials. However, one of the most popular options chosen by our clients is the 9-gauge aluminum electric fence wire. It is resistant, lightweight, and has 4 times better conductivity than the steel electric wire.

Choose the 9-gauge aluminum electric fence wire and stop worrying about your farm’s safety!

North West Aluminum is one of the most popular and leading aluminum manufacturers in Canada. We offer complete fencing solutions to our customers and we never compromise on quality. We know that a client who had a nice experience from working with us will not only come back when he needs more work to be done, but he will also recommend us to his family and friends. So why pay salespeople when we have our clients’ satisfaction as our main visit card?

We understand that when you are a farmer you are extremely concerned about your livestock and your safety. We want to offer you the possibility to make a lifetime investment. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages of our 9-gauge aluminum electric fence wire is that it is very resistant. You will not need to change your fence after a couple of years. You install it now and you can enjoy it for a lifetime.  

Call us today and ask for a personalized offer. Our professional crew is ready to assist in taking the best decision for increasing your farm’s safety. NW Aluminum will offer you durability, low-maintenance, and flexibility.