Keep wild animals away from your farm thanks to aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga manufactured by North West Aluminum!

When you start looking for the best ways to build an aluminum electric fence, you tend to be overwhelmed by the many options you find online. There are hundreds of experts and websites offering advice on how your electric fence should look like. While the information they provide is very useful, you should look further than these sites.

North West Aluminum is proud to be one of the leading providers of aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga in Canada. Since we executed our first order we understood how important it is for a farmer or rancher to protect his livestock and keep wild animals away. Therefore, we invested in know-how and we managed to come with durable and trustworthy materials for our clients.

The aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga is different from other electric fences on the market as it is easy to install and lightweight. Therefore, our team of professionals is able to finish the installation process very fast and will not charge you extra money for long working hours. This is a great advantage for you as you will not have any surprise costs from our side.

North West Aluminum makes the difference on the electric fences market!

The aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga is very visible. Therefore, you will set very clear boundaries for your farm. In addition, it has a very high conductivity. This makes the aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga very efficient in preventing wild animals from hurting or killing your livestock.

North West Aluminum is different than our competitors due to many features we are able to offer to our clients:

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • No surprise costs
  • Four times more conductive than galvanized steel
  • Our aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga will not rust
  • Increased visibility

NW Aluminum offers lifetime warranty for our aluminum electric fence wire 14 ga. We manufacture aluminum products that last, and we are very happy that we able to change our clients’ lives. The aluminum fence panels provided by NW Aluminum resists on any type of weather conditions and require minimum maintenance. Thanks to the increased electric conductivity, we offer increased protection for your farm or ranch.

Contact us today and let us be part of your dream farm. We want to help you protect your livestock from being attacked by wild animals. NW Aluminum professionals are ready to assist you with important advice on how to better protect your property. All you have to do is just dial our phone number and ask for a free quotation.