Keep your property private from unwanted visitors with a 6-foot aluminum fence!

If you still didn’t know, your home and fence style transmit a powerful message to your neighbors and persons passing by your house. If you install a small fence it means that you are an open person and you want to let everyone know what is going on in your backyard.

Since we developed the aluminum manufacturing business we had many clients asking for various fence dimensions. The clients who ordered a 6 ft aluminum fence had a very strong message for the persons around them: β€œStay away from my property!”

Whether you want a 6-aluminum fence for your commercial building or your residence, it will offer you the highest degree of privacy and security. You will not be able to see over a 6’ aluminum fence. In addition, if you add a wall behind your fence, you will increase the security and privacy for your property.

In addition, a 6-foot-high aluminum fence will practically create a fortress around your property. It will help you create coziness and comfort around your residence. How cool it is to stay in your backyard without being worried about any threats or unwanted guests? In addition, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a dog or person to jump over a 6-foot-tall aluminum fence. This means that once you arrive home, you will enjoy your oasis of relaxation without any disturbing elements.

North West Aluminum is your long-term partner!

Your personal preferences are very important for North West Aluminum. Our crew is always at your disposal and ready to learn more about your project. It may be that even though your property needs a small fence, installing a taller fence instead will look extremely good.

However, it is important to be aware of the local legislation. Our team of professionals is constantly checking the relevant laws and makes sure we comply with the rules. Therefore, even though you will ask us for a very tall fence, we will explain you what the local guidelines are and try to find a feasible solution for you.

NW Aluminum built a good reputation as one of the best aluminum manufacturers in Canada. Our aluminum fences are very easy to install and extremely resistant. We use top quality materials which means that our products will resist even under extreme weather conditions. Call us today and ask for a free quotation. Count on our professional team and ask them for a personalized offer.