Keep your property private with aluminum slat fencing systems from North West Aluminum Canada!

Once you have finished building your home, you feel like you finally managed to create your own paradise. You don’t want any stress coming from any noisy neighbors. What is more, when you have kids, you want to protect them as much as possible and this is why you want to keep your property private. What better way to offer yourself some privacy than by choosing an aluminum slat fencing system?

North West Aluminum is proud to be among the best fence producers in Canada. We put all our efforts into staying updated with the latest technology trends. Our R&D team is permanently working to offering our clients the latest innovations in terms of fencing. This is how aluminum slat fencing appeared as our response to the clients’ requirements for privacy and futuristic design.

Why is aluminum slat fencing different?

Apart from being the preferred fencing systems in terms of privacy, NW aluminum slat fencing comes with many other advantages:

  • Innovative and elegant design;
  • Easy installation;
  • Durable;
  • Low maintenance.

NW Aluminum uses high-quality and resistant materials. The 75mm aluminum blades offer durability to our fencing systems. What is more, these fencing systems are very versatile. You can use this type of fence to create privacy to your property, but you can also use it for your garden or sunshade. It will add a touch of elegance to any space you want to use it.

Our team of professionals is ready to listen to your thoughts and find the best design solutions to install NW aluminum slat fencing systems. Our experience has shown that these fences can be installed anywhere. You just have to tell us your ideas and we are ready to execute them.

In addition, we offer a variety of colors which will please even the pickiest tastes. We offer powder-coated painting as an option which will add durability to your fence. We want to release you from the stress of annually painting your fence.

Lifetime investment in quality materials!

We put our clients in the center of our priorities. We want them to make lifetime investments and become our long-term partners. Therefore, we created the aluminum slat fencing. Being one of the leading experts in Canada, we have adapted our fences to resist to the local weather conditions. We do not let design aside and we do our best to combine convenient pricing with elegant design and functionality.