Learn How to Install Aluminum Railings on Stairs, With the Expert in Aluminum Railings

We are ready to help you achieve your desired aluminum railing for your stairs

Modern houses are giving off its sophisticated feel of elegance with a mixture of glass and metals. The combination of transparency and the shiny texture metals and aluminums give brings a feeling of calmness because of its vibes.

Whether you are installing aluminum railings for your interior or patio, using aluminum embellishments will totally give your house a different kind of atmosphere than others. Be it a simple interior home renovation or part of a construction project, whatever reason it may be, one thing is for sure; trust only the best if you want to install aluminum railings on stairs.

The Benefits of Using Aluminum Railings

Answers to questions like “how do you install aluminum railing on stairs?” or “how to install aluminum railing on steps?” can be more appreciated once you get to know the benefits of aluminum. So why does it have to be aluminum?

  1. Aluminum, when used for your railings, will allow you to choose from a wide array of designs. Here in NW Aluminum, we have a variety of styles and color that will surely fit your desired outcome for your stairs or steps.

Because of aluminum’s versatility, we can easily craft it and create the designs our individual clients ask for through our custom option. If you want, you can browse through our collection and we are confident you will find the kind of railing you wanted.

  1. It is a good substitute of wood. Let’s admit it, wood offers another sophisticated feel when used for home improvement. However to maintain its quality and texture, one needs to invest on its maintenance. Unlike wood, aluminum may be a little pricey, but due to its sturdy composition you can save a lot more in the long run since it requires less maintenance.
  2. Instead of using steels and alloys, aluminum can give you the same vibes as these metals could. But what makes aluminum stand out more is its non-corrosive nature which is truly handy when you apply aluminum railings on your patios. No rain can stop your aluminum railings from giving off its elegance.

How to Install Aluminum Railings on Stairs?

NW Aluminum does not only offer sophisticated beauty and elegance, but durability and strength as well. The quality control done to be able to produce the top-grade aluminum material for all our products is a tedious process. Our products’ durability can withstand extreme weather conditions, and will sure last for a long time.

So, how do you install aluminum railings on stairs? It is very simple. With our custom built aluminum railings, you don’t need to be a professional to accomplish the task. NW Aluminum railings can be easily installed at a shorter time than most competitors. You can simply follow these steps, and give your stairs the elegance it deserves.

Step1: Space posts equally. Align them perfectly based on where you want your railings to be installed.

Step2: Hold your first and base post in place. Mark the areas on where to drill, drill when satisfied and place the screws. Make sure it is well-fastened and sturdy.

Step3: Position the base rails with respect to a certain height, and align it both to your base post and second post. Once done, do step2 on the second base.

Step4: Ready the handrail and do Step 3 with it.

Step5: Insert rail pickets.

NW Aluminum for Your Aluminum Railing Needs

To have a more detailed and step by step tutorial on how to install our aluminum railings, do drop us a call at 647-952-5023 and we will be more than willing to assist you.