Limit the access to your pool with NW Aluminum fence pool panels!

Are you tired of looking for the best aluminum pool fence manufacturers in Canada? Google delivers millions of results, but none seems to be the right fit for you? North West Aluminum is proud to be among the first results when you are looking for aluminum pool fencing supplies. We have thousands of clients all around Canada and we can say that we are one of the leading experts when it comes to manufacturing aluminum products.

NW Aluminum is here to offer you top quality fence panels. Whether you need to fence your residence or your backyard, we will have a solution for you. What about the pool? How do you fence it? Let North West Aluminum crew give you some advice on this. Apart from being a fun element in your backyard, it can also be a source for possible dangers if you left without a fence.

Why is it important to fence your pool?

When you think of installing a pool in your backyard, you think mainly of the hot summer days when you would do anything you could to jump into the pool. You don’t even imagine that a pool can also be subject for many accidents that can change your life forever.

North West Aluminum wants to protect you and your family and proposes one of the safest aluminum pool fence panels. We are aware of the local recommendations when it comes to pool fencing. This is why we adapt our fence panels size according to the current laws.

What is more, statistics have shown that the pool accidents rate, especially in kids, is extremely worrying. There are too many kids every year who, when left unsupervised, may come too close to the edge of the pool. It takes just one second of not paying attention and something fatal can happen.

Therefore, apart from protection, we want to offer you peace of mind. Our aluminum pool fence panels come with safe locking systems. We know that kids are very smart, and they will always try to find a way to open that gate. We are even smarter, and we offer extra protection with any fence we deliver.

Do you want to add a bit of color to your pool fence? Nothing is impossible for North West Aluminum. We like to play with colors and offer unique designs to our clients. Before making the final proposal, our team will visit you to understand how the surroundings look like and discuss with you about the budget. Once we know your limits we are ready to make a proposal and start working on the project.