Make a lifetime investment and contract North West Aluminum for powder coated aluminum fence panels.

The aluminum manufacturing industry is very competitive. Now, with the latest drop of prices in aluminum, the competition has become even more intense. For North West Aluminum this is just another challenge that stimulates our team and make us want to become better every day.

When it comes to powder coated aluminum fence panels we are among the best professionals on the Canadian market. We are proud to have loyal clients who challenge us with their ambitious projects. One common demand that most of our clients have, apart from offering a competitive price, is that they want aluminum fence panels that last.

What brought NW Aluminum on top of our clients’ favorites list?

North West Aluminum team is never completely satisfied until we know that our work has been finalized and our client is 101% happy.  When it comes to powder coated aluminum fence panels, we brought a totally new trend in this domain.

Our team of professionals consist of people who put passion in everything that they do. They consider each project like their own and concentrate all their efforts in pleasing our clients. Collaboration is what makes us wake up every day and work until late in the night in order to get our job done.

Apart from the team that we are so proud of, NW Aluminum counts also on top-quality materials. Our powder coated aluminum fence panels will not be affected by corrosion and are very easy to install. Canada is a very challenging location, with extreme weather conditions. It is not easy to fix and guarantee that an aluminum fence will resist for a lifetime. For North West Aluminum it is actually possible, and we are proud to have a large portfolio of projects that will strengthen our statement.

Our powder coating technique respect and protect the environment. We want our clients to enjoy the color of their fence panels for a long time. This is why we chose this solution which proved to be a total success. What is more, it does not require any special maintenance from your side. This is one feature that our clients went crazy about.

North West Aluminum powder coated aluminum fence panels will not require any additional painting for up to 20 years. As long as you follow our simple maintenance instructions, the paint will not peel and will keep its shine.

Don’t lose more time and grab your phone right now. Call us today and schedule your appointment with our pros who are looking forward to meeting you.